Assess. Inform. Improve. Repeat.

Performance data should enable a program, not overwhelm it.

Elite programs are laser focused on the goal: progress in all aspects of sport + success in game = victory. From position coaches to strength and conditioning to sports science to athletic training, all are aligned on improving the athletes and the program as a whole.

We ensure continuity across departments, delivering reliable, digestible and most importantly, actionable strength and performance data.

We deliver data efficiently.
  • Rapid athlete assessment
  • Force/velocity profiling
  • Performance progression tracking

We deliver data effectively.
  • Simple and actionable data.
  • A durable system built for abuse and max uptime.
  • Regular data acquisition without the disruption.

Rarely is equipment a program’s competitive edge.

Performance equipment for the performance athlete

As data further penetrates training, we’re dedicated to delivering it in simple terms. Today’s athlete’s accept technology and are visual learners. We present data that motivates the athlete to give it their all, while arming coach with the metrics necessary to inform decisions

We’re built for:

  • Real-time feedback and long-term performance profiling
  • Efficient identification of rate of force development, max force and average force
  • Assessment of muscle endurance and fatigue within the range of motion
  • Visualization of the strength curve

Our performance data allows programs to:

  • Quickly benchmark athletes and tailor programming
  • Proactively intervene potential injuries
  • Make informed return to play decisions
  • Monitor team health and readiness

By visualizing the force/velocity curve, team’s better understand athletes’ capabilities, optimizing program development while maximizing training time and potential. Our tech is built in the USA and intentionally designed to mimic the form and function of today’s athlete’s.

Our Lineup

No Weights Required. No time lost.
Ample Data Collection

The FORCETRAINER® is a safe, smart and intuitive way to build strength. Using our isokinetic system, our machines instantly adjust resistance to match user generated force, maintaining constant speed. Paired with an onboard digital display WE GRAPH PERFORMANCE DATA IN REAL TIME.


Poseidon Strength difference.

Don't take our word for it. Hear from users and gym owners who have experienced the Poseidon Strength difference.

  • Mike Panczner, Member Operations

    From beginners to pro athlete’s this is a great tool to understand power output and movement capability in a safe and effective way. You simply can’t mimic this style of movement.

    Mike Panczner, Member Operations
    Spooky Nook Sports
  • Todd Scott, Owner
    It's a strength building tool that's unlike anything else. We gauge strength endurance, flexibility, mobility, stability, balance, agility all that stuff constantly with our clients and his tool builds a lot of things all at once. It is a different way to build endurance and strength that people really love.
    Todd Scott, Owner
    Platoon Fitness
  • Graham Holler, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

    This is effective for in-season training when most athletes lose power. There’s no eccentric load, so you don’t get sore and this will ensure athlete’s maintain or even increase power mid-season.

    Graham Holler, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach