Assess. Inform. Improve. Repeat.

Sport is science. But the science of sport needs to be efficient and actionable. That’s where we fit in.

How we see it:
  • Elite programs need performance data to inform decisions.
  • Existing strength and training facilities have limited floorspace.
  • Returning an athlete to force production, post-injury, has its risks and challenges.

A better solution: ForceTrain™ Tower
A safe, intuitive, durable way to diagnose strength and rehab an athlete. We couple the safest forms of rehab resistance (isometric & isokinetic) with the functional strength movements athletes are already doing.

  • Real-time and recallable data
  • Versatility: 20+ movements
  • Limited footprint: 4.5 sp/ft
  • High force capacity: 1100+ lbs.

A tool that delivers the data you need, without the disruption AND provides a safe/controllable environment for rehabbing athletes.


Rarely is equipment a program’s competitive edge.

Performance equipment for the performance athlete

Tech is everywhere. Our mission is to deliver meaningful strength data in simple terms.

Data analysis and synthesis takes time. Elongated feedback loops lead to disengaged athletes. We forego this cycle with real-time data and topline trend comparisons in real-time, on the machine.

Today’s athlete’s accept technology and are visual learners - we want to keep them engaged in their journey, while arming program staff with the necessary metrics.

We’re built for:

  • Rapid athlete assessment
  • Isometric and Force/velocity profiling
  • Performance progression tracking

We deliver it effectively:

  • Simple and actionable data.
  • A durable system built for abuse and max uptime.
  • Regular data acquisition without the disruption.
Our Lineup

No Weights Required. No time lost.
Simpler Data.

We use isometric and isokinetic resistance to match user generated force, maintaining constant speed. Then we graph the force curve in real-time.

We want to empower coaches and athletes by providing accurate strength analysis with a focus on the core basics:
  • Max force potential
  • Average force
  • Rate of force development
  • Muscular endurance

Poseidon Strength difference.

Don't take our word for it. Hear from users and gym owners who have experienced the Poseidon Strength difference.

  • Mike Panczner, Member Operations

    From beginners to pro athlete’s this is a great tool to understand power output and movement capability in a safe and effective way. You simply can’t mimic this style of movement.

    Mike Panczner, Member Operations
    Spooky Nook Sports
  • Todd Scott, Owner
    It's a strength building tool that's unlike anything else. We gauge strength endurance, flexibility, mobility, stability, balance, agility all that stuff constantly with our clients and his tool builds a lot of things all at once. It is a different way to build endurance and strength that people really love.
    Todd Scott, Owner
    Platoon Fitness
  • Graham Holler, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

    This is effective for in-season training when most athletes lose power. There’s no eccentric load, so you don’t get sore and this will ensure athlete’s maintain or even increase power mid-season.

    Graham Holler, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach