Questions? Search here first!

1What workouts is this best for?
The Infiniti Rope is the only true continuous rope climbing experience where the user is suspended above the floor. However, it has multiple different workouts that are meant to push the limits of your strength and endurance. Check out our Workouts page for a few ideas.
2Where should this be mounted?
Ideally, the Infiniti Rope will be mounted directly to a steel or exposed metal beam, at least 12’ above ground. If an exposed beam is not possible, this can be safely secured to wood or concrete, but may require a bit of effort to ensure it’s secured. We took extra steps to ensure the safety of the user and bystanders, which is why we include a secondary safety harness. Both primary and secondary harnesses are capable of withstanding well over 2,000 lbs. If you do not have the ability to mount directly to an exposed steel, metal or wood beam, please feel free to reach out to us and our engineers will help devise a safe and secure mounting solution with you.
3Is there a specific beam I need to mount this?
A steel or metal beam is ideal for mounting of the Infiniti Rope, but it may also be mounted to any secure structure whether wood, concrete or a special wall mount.
4What is the rope made of?
We wanted to provide the truest vertical rope climbing experience, which is why our Infiniti Rope comes with the only 1.5” polyester-combo, marine-grade, three-strand.
5How can I purchase a replacement rope?
Just shoot us a message with the length of your rope or the serial number from your unit and we’ll handle the replacement.
6What is the Infiniti Rope made of?
Our Infiniti Rope components are designed and built in the U.S., they include laser-cut/bent and CNC-machined aircraft aluminum and steel. We threw in a pinch of intensity for the hell of it.
7Is there a warranty on your products?
We offer a lifetime warranty on the structural components of the climbing unit, a 1-year warranty on mechanical components and a 90-day warranty on the rope. DISCLAIMER: like any, the rope is subject to fraying over time.