By definition, isokinetic is: “characterized by or producing a constant rate of speed.”

Let’s break that down. The strength industry can be divided into three pillars of strength development: isometric, isotonic and isokinetic.

Our system regulates speed to remain constant throughout the movement while measuring user generated force in real-time, via digital display. We remove the need for added weight and the mental roadblocks associated with selecting a set weight increment. Plus, we improve results by removing momentum – no more cheat reps!

We’re bringing technology previously only available in the sports medicine/PT categories to the masses. This means safer movements with more insights and faster results.

This is what the future of fitness looks like.

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Equipment that moves at a constant speed, regardless of force applied.

In short, the user applies the force, and we graph that force generation (as lbs.) in real-time.

Data supports the benefit of isokinetic exercise in all levels of athletic and fitness abilities. It’s forgiving but challenging, while still allowing for high-strength application.

The perks

By controlling the speed of any given strength movement, we help athletes:

  • Increase muscle tone and endurance
  • Increase muscle flexibility
  • Control muscle development
  • Improve range of motion and muscular balance
  • Increase metabolic performance
  • Eliminate cheat reps by removing momentum
  • Train safer

One of the greatest benefits of isokinetic exercise is the ability to challenge muscles without risking strain or tear. This is possible because the resistance is continuously variable to match the output of the user, meaning the intensity of the workout can be easily controlled. This is particularly useful in injury reconditioning/rehabilitation, where risk of re-injury is high.

So, whether implemented as a primary method or a complement to isotonic workout regimens, our isokinetic equipment supports muscle development in all levels of athlete.

Stronger. Faster.