Who we are

We’re often asked, why Poseidon?

Aside from the name representing strength and perseverance, while paying ode to an Olympian God, Poseidon was embattled with himself. We know the strength required to continually push one’s personal boundaries and feel nothing better embodies our pursuit to become the instrument for others to achieve success.

That said, we believe fitness equipment has stagnated. The way we measure performance has changed, but the methods have largely remained. Our mission is intelligent equipment that’s safer, more approachable and more intuitive.

With an old-school methodology and a background in engineering, we set out to evolve fitness equipment. The result? Our patented isokinetic tech which provides instant and equal resistance, regardless of force input by the user.

By definition, isokinetic is: “characterized by or producing a constant rate of speed.”

Let’s break that down. The strength industry is essentially siloed by three primary methodologies: isometric, isotonic and isokinetic.

  • Isometric is fixed weight in a fixed position. Ex: plank or wall sit.
  • Isotonic is fixed weight through the range of motion as speed fluctuates. Ex: most traditional bar/dumbbell or adjustable stack equipment.
  • Isokinetic is fixed speed through the range of motion as user generated force fluctuates.

Our patented hydraulic system regulates constant speed throughout the movement while measuring and visualizing user generated force in real-time, via digital display. We remove the need for added weight and the mental roadblocks associated with selecting a set weight increment.

We’re bringing technology previously only available in the sports medicine/PT categories to the masses and we’re doing it at an affordable price. This means safer movements with more insights and faster results.

This is what the future of fitness looks like.