Our Vision

Keep ‘em in the game longer. Return ‘em faster when faced with an injury.

Elite athletes have a limited window of time to maximize their physical capabilities and playing potential. Our mission is to improve performance and optimize longevity.

Why we gambled our futures

Human strength development has been the same since the stone age – moving a static weight from point A to point B. We believe the industry is due for change.

Traditional methods utilize momentum. Momentum lightens the load of the bar at certain segments of a movement, giving athletes a mechanical advantage. This advantage minimizes strength development opportunities of finer muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments.

What if we removed momentum? What if we could actively engage more muscle fibers throughout the FULL range of motion?

Answer: we would start to see faster increases in strength, speed, muscle endurance and range. Our real-time data informs athlete’s of their biggest opportunities for building strength and where those opportunities lie within the range of motion.

That’s real performance advancement.
Who we are

We're often asked, why the name Poseidon?

Aside from the name representing strength and perseverance, while paying ode to an Olympian God, Poseidon was embattled with himself. We know the mental strength needed to continually push one’s personal boundaries and feel nothing better embodies our pursuit to become the instrument for others to achieve success.

Plus, our ForceTrain Technology is a hydraulic system filled with, well, hydraulic fluid. Poseidon is the god of the sea…sea = fluid.

So what does this all mean? We believe fitness equipment has stagnated. The way we measure performance has changed, but the methods have largely remained. Our mission is intelligent equipment that’s safer, smarter and more intuitive.

The result? Our patented isokinetic tech which provides instant and equal resistance, regardless of force input by the user. We couple this with real-time strength analytics providing deeper insight into performance development.

The Future of Fitness has arrived.
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We are Isokinetic

Characterized by or producing a constant rate of speed.
Our Team

About the founders

We’re passionate about advancing high-performance. Our goal is to build a respected brand that’s supported through science, results and quality manufacturing. Ultimately, we’re two guys who got started in a garage with a shared dream!

Our core values are our guiding force:
  • Innovation: evolved fitness equipment​
  • Quality: affordably built in the USA​
  • Integrity: doing what’s right for our employees, customers and end users​
  • Safety: delivering a safer and more accurate experience​

We want to help you push the limits of strength!​

- Mark & Brad