How to use

The power of isokinetic technology.

There’s no denying the benefits of rope climbing and rope training. It’s a critical exercise for any combat athlete, from the military to martial arts. It builds functional strength and upperbody/grip strength better than almost any traditional exercise.

Rope Training Guide

  • Rope climb (to failure)
  • Rope training for core
  • Arms only rope climbing
  • Seated rope training
  • Grip strength workouts
  • Lateral pull
  • Truck pull (simulated)
  • Weighted sled rope pull (with wall attachment)
  • Angled rope lat pull
  • Overhead tricep pull/extension

Client Recommended Workouts

The Infiniti Rope is the only true rope climbing experience where the climber is safely suspended off the ground. It’s also the only option with a traditional three-strand rope, which you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

  • Dexterity Depot
    A perfect example of how the Poseidon Strength Infiniti Rope can be incorporated into workouts, especially perfect for burnouts.
  • Platoon Fitness
    This tutorial shows how the Infiniti Rope compliments any HIIT, Crossfit or Ninja Warrior workout. Strength, endurance and flexibility are key to excelling at climbing the […]
  • Stoke Strength and Conditioning
    See how Olympian Jocelyne Larocque incorporates our Infiniti Rope to complement her workouts.